-Commissioned works (Password required)-

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-Individual works-

Landscape - Exhibition work Boats on the Grassland

-Commissioned works-

Ecosystem Social Concept 2030 - Animated Infographics

UMITO Partners - conceptual animation RUN - Poetry Film Collection SOYJOY 7 – Animated Promo

Shiga Museum of Art - Animated Promo SOYJOY - Web Advert Series 03 USHIO CHOCOLATL

ISLAND Monster of Nobody

Anatadake - Music video city - Music Video GLOW REPUBLIC Website animation

 SOYJOY Web Adverts 01 Mr.Accident – music video

Hatch the boy Kinomi Quiz - Nuts and Goblins THE KING OF GAMES

DRAW A LINE The Blueprint Simone Massoni x MR PORTER • Christmas All Wrapped Up

Boots Heritage: Lady Florence Boot Modern Love - New York Times My Dad

-Illustration works-

“Japan Sinks”- TV program Creatures in Biei Phenology Calendar