Graduate d!

As you can see, finally I graduated! the pictures are look of graduation show and  pic of graduation ceremony with tutors. Happy faces with free champagnes. A lot of brilliant days and some of awful days I had in these three years! And I feel my growth in a point of my technical skills and mentality. […]

Grad Show & New showreel

Finally, I am glad to say my graduation animation was finished! Biggest thank you for everyone who cooperated with my film! And graduation show is going to be begun this week actually. Time does not wait for me..   UCA Farnham Graduation show 2016 venue : University for the Creative Arts Farnham address : UCA Farnham Falkner […]

Have a mike, so say something.

Photos from the talking event of Cinema Jam in London. At the cosy nice place. I attended as one of the director and talked about my film ‘Tea with a Straw’. How the film idea came from or something. Through the microphone, my voice became lauder than usual. I was wondering why am here where […]

Sound Rec days

Recent photos from sound recordings for my grad-film. I always realize that sounds should be recorded in advance of animating, so I tried to do it in early stage but how hard to manage to work both at the same time..! And difficult to directing actions. Animation is a living thing. like a monster.