Have a mike, so say something.

Photos from the talking event of Cinema Jam in London. At the cosy nice place. I attended as one of the director and talked about my film ‘Tea with a Straw’. How the film idea came from or something. Through the microphone, my voice became lauder than usual. I was wondering why am here where […]

Sound Rec days

Recent photos from sound recordings for my grad-film. I always realize that sounds should be recorded in advance of animating, so I tried to do it in early stage but how hard to manage to work both at the same time..! And difficult to directing actions. Animation is a living thing. like a monster.

Screening and Q&A in London

My film ‘Tea with a Straw’ is going to be screened at the Cinema Jam’s Session in London this month! Also I will be at the Q and A in the event.  Life is so challengeable for me now! Monday 22nd February, 18.00 pm – Corbet Place Bar & Lounge, Shoreditch This is member’s only event but […]