THE KING OF GAMES – Anniversary animation

It’s already July, summer is here, but my surroundings is so stormy! Is typhoon coming? And here is announcement about my recent work..

I directed an animation for THE KING OF GAMES ‘ s 15th anniversary exhibition. They are a Japanese apparel design company with official licensing from Nintendo to design, produce and retail a range of video game-themed t-shirts and other clothing. There are a bit of their history and process of T-shirt production in the animation.

Thanks to them, I enjoyed to create this from scratch to finish.
And also big thanks to Ally Mobbs‘s amazing sound designing and composing.

If you are one of the freaks of Nintendo, why don’t you check their website!

Detail of the anniversary exhibition (Japanese)


..By the way, also I added new category ‘Illustration’ in ‘WORKS‘ page, and this time I drew many of plants and animals for the tourism brochures. Click the melon below.