Boats on the Grassland


From the broken your old boat of wood, you build a new boat to widen your view of the world.


Director/Animator: Noriko Ishibe
Sound Design: Riley Wong
Music: Ally Mobbs
Voice: Francis Bryant, Sven Mattes
UCA Farnham


Boats on the Grassland _2016_img_01

Boats on the Grassland _2016_img_02

Boats on the Grassland _2016_img_03
Boats on the Grassland _2016_img_09

Boats on the Grassland _2016_img_04

Boats on the Grassland _2016_img_05

Boats on the Grassland _2016_img_06


This film explores my own personal experience of coming to the UK for the first time, and how feelings of alienation and culture shock impacted upon my own sense of self. The two characters; the man from a foreign land who washes ashore and the baby who is accustom to the land he lives on are representative of myself and my infant niece, born shortly after my arrival.

The characters signify differences in growth, reflective of the rate my niece was able to adapt to her environment in contrast to my own growth, as I struggled to adapt; to live and learn aspects of British culture that were unfamiliar to me. I too felt that I was an infant, in the sense that I had to re-learn everything, and this definitely impacted upon myself when it came to establishing relationships with others and I often felt frustrated at my disconnection from those that surrounded me.

In the film the foreign man is bound and limited by his thinking and struggles because of this. The man’s broken boat signifies his stunted growth as he struggles to adapt, all he is concerned about is returning to his home and getting his boat repaired. Only in the meeting with the baby is a new perspective offered as the infant remodels the boat that is then able to house both of them, establishing a connection that the older man needed all along.

Art works

Selected Screenings/Event etc.

London International Animation Festival (LIAF) – British Showcase
CutOut Fest – Official Selection (Student Film)
Dorking Film Festival – Animated Short Films
Fest Anča International Animation Festival- World Panorama Section
ASIFA-South Animation Festival – International Block, Semi-Finalist