THE KING OF GAMES – Anniversary animation

It’s already July, summer is here, but my surroundings is so stormy! Is typhoon coming? And here is announcement about my recent work..

I directed an animation for THE KING OF GAMES ‘ s 15th anniversary exhibition. They are a Japanese apparel design company with official licensing from Nintendo to design, produce and retail a range of video game-themed t-shirts and other clothing. There are a bit of their history and process of T-shirt production in the animation.

Thanks to them, I enjoyed to create this from scratch to finish.
And also big thanks to Ally Mobbs‘s amazing sound designing and composing.

If you are one of the freaks of Nintendo, why don’t you check their website!

Detail of the anniversary exhibition (Japanese)


..By the way, also I added new category ‘Illustration’ in ‘WORKS‘ page, and this time I drew many of plants and animals for the tourism brochures. Click the melon below.

Screening Info!

Air is getting brighter,  my favourite season is coming soon.!

And such a nice timing to announce one more bright thing is, yes, my film, Boats on the Grassland‘s screening in the festival!

Fest Anča International Animation Festival
June 29 – July 2 2017, Zilina, Slovakia

Boats on the Grassland has been selected for the ‘World Panorama’ section.

This festival will be held in Slovakia, you know!
For me such as a lover of East European animation, what a great honour is this!

And Big thanks again to everyone who involved in the production. It is growing up bit by bit :)

DRAW A LINE- Animated promo

I animated for the brand DRAW A LINE which created an incredibly neat and luxurious stick type furniture.
It can be a wardrobe, shelf, lamp, tea table… by just attaching a stick between walls or floor and ceiling. Genius!

Promotional animation of the new product, ‘Heian Rod’ which created by the collaboration of HEIAN SHINDO KOGYO. CO and the creative unit TENT.

Dir/Edit/Thanks to: sankaku

One more job updatee!

This’s the animation when I worked at Wednesday Collective for the client – production company Anchor Point.


Great depth. This is my first time work at Wednesday, I impressed for their extraordinal creativeness and passionate for projects! And lovely studio.
Mainly I assisted on some parts of character animation. Especially the walking cycle and hatching out the baby alligator are my favourite! Enjoy.


A happy new year people!
The world has already been 2017th winter.. Hoping that whatever your wishes come true!

And then the followings are some of works for the UK industries I have assisted through last year.
I assure you that you’ll repeatedly enjoy them.

Boots is the UK’s leading pharmacist with a rich history spanning 167 years. Founded in 1849 by John Boot, the pharmacy was taken over by his son Jessie Boot in 1860.

Lady Florence Boot, not only the wife of Jessie Boot but, unkown until now, the uncredited business partner and pioneering force behind the Boots brand.

Gifts All Wrapped Up is a festive animation for Mr Porter and Net-A-Porter’s 2016 Christmas campaign.