Monster of Nobody – Music Video

Time flies! It is already 2020. I wish you all a great year.
Here are my job updates I lately have done with sankaku.
Please enjoy it!

Monster of Nobody
Music Video clip for Natsu to Suisei
This is another clip of artist made “city” which I have done MV before, so drawing style and the character design have a little bit similar atmosphere with it.

SOYJOY – Web Advert Series ver.2

Job update! Looks like deja vu from previous post though.

The second episode of web advert series.
Worked as a lead animator for Japanese industry that produces long selling energy bars, SOYJOY.

In this episode, characters find the rumour on the internet that the product(SOYJOY)is one of the Low glycemic index(Low GI) foods, but they are confused with the meaning of the term.
Soy bean boy calm them down as it is good for health, and peanuts doggy laughed at them that swayed by ego searching.

Though they own great technology on their hands actually..