Animation Principal #10 Character Design and a Flag motion

In this time, we worked on the new exercise that let own character move.
During the movie, we concider to include three actions;

1: A character is sitting on a chair.
2: The character stands up.
3: The character walks towards a door in the room and goes out.

Then I have thought a few characters. Motif is a statue of greek/roman.


He was made of stone, so need to move stiffer than ordinal human.


I thoght that it need researching for a model so I sketched some of statues in the libraly. Obviously, it is need a lot of time to draw that developed muscular of body though, it will be impressive one if I complete… If I can finish.

This is like story board.

So far, I have planned that the story like the following;

-The man of statue who came from ancient era finished breakfast and go to the job hunting in the modern society in order to adapt the environment. But he does not know what is the formal clothing, so he choose a tie which he had seen it in the his era as a headband.
Then he goes out to the company with nicelooking style that a tie on a naked body.

He might be an awkward person because he was made of stone.
He might be silent because he was made of stone.
He might be not able to eat breakfast because he was made of stone.
He might be…

I am going to add waving of a tie as secondary action.

And also I post a waving flag movement as redoing the execise of Animation Principal #8 Lip sync & Flag waving

I realised the way to draw correctly and I thought the point is the end of the cloth (right hand side) There is a little movement which move from above to bottom as the same time when flag is waving.

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