Animation Principal #8 Lip sync & Flag waving

I have finished to make the long one..!

Lip sync

However, I know that it needs some more frames inbetween several parts. And I made it too complicate due to add motion of hand and head.
From next time, I should draw the whole gestures before the mouth.

I have drawn 80 papers in this sequence, but I feel now drawn 200 pages. Animatior its must be crazy.
If I am an animator of the Japanese company which draw 60 frames/sec., the 80 pages its just less than 2 seconds.

to compare…

Mine is quite different with this spite I spent time to struggle for drawing…!


This is next lesson.

Flag waving

This is ideal one.

As so far as I compare with these two, I did not understand how should draw it.
So, I am going to try one more time.

-I have not understood yet about motion the flag by the wind even I read the reference papers.
Why it is made wave like that. Need more researches.


3 thoughts on “Animation Principal #8 Lip sync & Flag waving

  1. Your lip synch shows some really well thought through poses that tie in well with the content of the speech. The mouth movements are all fitting well and this is shaping up to be a good piece of work. However it needs to be smoother overall, and as you pointed out, with so few drawings this is why. As the exercise is 16 seconds long you will need somewhere in the region of 400 frames – some of those will be doubles, or some holds, which will cut down this total, but you do need more drawings to create smoother movements.

  2. With the flag you need to make sure that all your drawings are registered, or work on it in TV Paint. At the moment the pole is moving around quite a bit and this isnt helping you when it comes to getting the whole thing to look smooth. The flag itself needs a little more work doing to it. Keep referring back to the sheets we gave you – in essence you can trace directly from them and achieve something quite fluid.

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