Animation Principal #6-1 Lip Sync exercise

We moved on new lesson about Lip Synchronization exercise.


We are drawing movement of mouth with one dialogue sound.
It seems that this method called ‘Prescoring’. Animations which is made from recording sound and then begin drawing to fit the sounds.
This technique is usually used in American cartoons than Japanese animes. There are many sort of motion of mouth depend on pronounces.
On other hand, Japanese one is made from drawing include movement of mouth firstly, then recorded by voice actors(After recording). It looks simple, there are just few kind of mouths motion.

I used to see the Japanese anime many times since I was a child, so confused and need to more consideration in this method.

I counted frames based on the dialogue and designed character.


more than 200 frames in total. I can not imagine the completion..


I made the woman who looks like evil. this means I felt evil from the voice.
However, I supposed it was cheap idea even the talker was lady when I have seen the other classmate’s one who is drawing flower.

I want to add the humour which draw gestures expressed by her hand.
Well. Can I look the perfect one as I expected….

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