Animation Principal #6-1 Lip Sync exercise

We moved on new lesson about Lip Synchronization exercise. We are drawing movement of mouth with one dialogue sound. It seems that this method called ‘Prescoring’. Animations which is made from recording sound and then begin drawing to fit the sounds. This technique is usually used in American cartoons than Japanese animes. There are many […]

Animation Principal #5-2 Comic Strips for 2 weeks

I tried to draw comic strips as diary. Today, I show you these what happen to me during 2 weeks. (8th Oct- 23th Oct) 08/10(tue) ‘Invisible invader’ 09/10(wed)  ‘My friend’ 10/10(thu) ‘Huge clear wall’ 11/10(fri) ‘Greatness of fire’ 12/10(sat) ‘Red Carpet’ 13/10(sun) ‘Ofcourse difficult’ 14/10(mon) ‘Dream of cats’ 15/10(tue) ‘Promise’ 16/10(wed) ‘Matter of my life-threatening’ […]